Hang Plastic Planter Pots For Light Shades

Spray paint the planter pots a bright color, run the chain through the hole, and attach the light within. Get tutorial here

Keep Out Nosy Neighbors In Style

Lay out the frame of the patio, fill in with concrete, and hook in wind sails overhead as a privacy screen. Get tutorial here

Gather Wine Corks For A Table

Place a pine round at the bottom of a planter and fill with wine corks topped with glass. Get tutorial here

Have A $2 Patio Light

Drill a hole into the center of the planter and attach a S-hook, then insert the LED push light. Get tutorial here

Fake Cement Tiling

Paint the base of your deck gray, then paint over the stencil motif. Get tutorial here

Coordinate Rocks Onto Your Patio

Pull out the grass, till the soil, and add the rocks at a leveled placement. Get tutorial here

Stain Wood With Gel Paint

Sand down wood smooth and start in the middle then work your way outward while painting with the gel. Get tutorial here

Serve Drinks At A Concrete Bar

Install Z form molds, add the concrete, and smooth it over. Get tutorial here

Paint Multicolored Chairs For A Table

Begin by priming the surface of the chairs, put wood filler in the cracks, and spray paint in a bright color. Get tutorial here

Redo A Patio Set For $25

Recolor the frame of the chairs with spray paint, cut out outdoor fabric in four sheets, and attach to the chair. Get tutorial here

Include Vintage Pieces In Patio Theme

Purchase a vintage motifed rug online and place floral outdoor cushions on each chair. Get tutorial here

Incorporate Caps and Bricks

Figure out the pattern you desire and dig out each center to make the caps level. Get tutorial here

Have A Flagstone Patio

Create a circular soil base, add a 3 inch layer of crush run, and add the flagstone one at a time. Get tutorial here

Build A Beautiful Adirondack Table

Use treated wood for the exterior, jig saw in holes, and paint. Get tutorial here

Create A Rustic Patio Bar

Connect the cope with mortar anchors, then make slits at the top big enough for a wine glass. Get tutorial here