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The brilliant red, yellow, and orange decor makes fall decorating one of the most vibrant ways to style your home each year. As tempting as store aisles full of fall decor is after the heat of the summer ends, it really is just as easy to create fall style for your home yourself.


When the air feels crisp and the days start to get shorter, resist the urge to decorate your home with things you can find on the shelves in stores. Instead, try to DIY you fall decor, repurpose what you have, thrift store shop, and scour yard sales to find outdoor fall decor that is unique and budget-friendly. Whether you have the time for a simple or more complex fall home decor project, these projects give you many options to choose from.

Outdoor Fall Decor

One of the most common trends in outdoor fall decor includes using natural elements. Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and mums are easy to incorporate into outdoor fall decor, and always look lovely, but usually, end up in the trash when the season is over and Christmas decorations start to come out. Because of the tendency to throw these items away each year, people miss out on creating the memories associated with fall decorations for outside that return each year. Why not create something for your home that you will look forward to seeing every year? For ideas for outdoor fall decor that can be reused each year, look no further than DIY fall decor projects like these! 

Marty repurposed fence boards and built pumpkins decorated with a fall-themed slogan. The pumpkin sign is a perfect accompaniment to the mums and hay bale she set up and will be ready to use with her outdoor fall decor each year.

Thrifty Fall Decorating Ideas and Home Tour (Marty's Musings)

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Another way to be sure that your outdoor fall decor is reusable year after year, while still capturing the fall colors that live plants bring, is to incorporate fall themed faux florals. Jan Marie created this stunning window box flower display using rich orange, red, and yellow artificial flowers that she purchased on clearance at the end of the season. She added a faux pumpkin and created a beautiful display with fall decorations that she will reuse outside each year.

Window Box Fall Decoration (Jan Marie)

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For some areas, fall brings a welcome change in the weather that allows for outdoor entertaining after the intense heat of summer ends. Tamela shows in this video how Texas fall weather is a perfect time for outdoor entertaining with these fall decorating ideas for outside. She created a beautiful outdoor fall tablescape using materials from Hobby Lobby that can be reused each season. Her real pumpkin with a monogram adds to this high style fall look.

Fall Outdoor Decorating (Tamela Bowie Interiors)

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DIY Fall Decor

Janis from All Things Beautiful used faux carvable pumpkins to make lighted fall pumpkin topiaries that she can reuse each year. Janis drilled holes in three different sized faux pumpkins and used dowels to stack them in the urns on her porch. Strands of white lights inside the drilled pumpkins help create a beautiful display day and night with these creative topiaries. With pumpkins that won’t rot, this DIY fall decor project is a winner.

My First Fall Porch Installment...Pumpkin Topiary (Janis@All Things Beautiful)

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Time with Thea transformed a basic black lantern for her fall front porch by adding brilliantly colored leaf and berry garlands that only cost a dollar. This DIY fall decor project could not be any simpler or inexpensive to create but has a dramatic impact on the look of her fall front porch! It is just amazing how adding two inexpensive garlands can drastically change the look of a decorative item.

Turn a Basic Lantern into a Gorgeous Outdoor Decor Accessory (Time with Thea)

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Even the smallest amount of simple materials can be combined to make lovely DIY fall decor that you and your family will look forward to seeing over the years. Christie glued letters and spray painted wooden leaves onto a wooden board she already had to create an upcycled fall sign. Her version cost a fraction of what a similar sign would cost at trendy retail stores but looks just as adorable.

Upcycled DIY Home Decor For Fall (Christie @ Sparkles of Sunshine)

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Want pumpkins that stand out from the rest? Spray paint gives plain pumpkins an instant, dazzling makeover. The blogger behind A Sparkly Mess used metallic gold, silver, and bronze spray paint to coat pumpkins and gave them a high gloss, high style look in under 30 minutes. By going to the pumpkin patch at the end of October, Asparklymess saved on the cost of pumpkins and was able to buy many. An added bonus to this DIY fall decor project is that painting the pumpkins preserves them enough to last through Thanksgiving! The bright shine of the spray painted pumpkins is the perfect fall look for anyone looking to mix metallics in with the bold fall colors.

Spray Painted Pumpkins (Asparklymess)

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Fall Door Decor

Just as coastal touches can easily be mixed throughout fall decor inside the home, Beverly from Across the Boulevard gave a fall grapevine wreath a decidedly coastal look for fall door decor. She used soft blue and white seashells to complement an orange ribbon and pumpkin and finished off the wreath with nautical rope trim.

Going Coastal with Fall Decor ~ Coastal Fall Wreath (Beverly Roderick at Across the Blvd)

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With very few supplies, a grapevine wreath easily transitions from summer to fall decor. Kelleysgirl used cotton stalks, a single flower, and jute ribbon to create fall door decor with a sentimental nod to her family heritage. A grapevine wreath can be easily decorated and changed with each season and by using wire to attach items she had on hand, this DIY fall decor project is budget friendly and has personal touches that a store-bought wreath could never match!

Fall Grapevine Wreath (Kelleysgirl)

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For shabby chic fall door decor, try this ‘Happy Fall’ pumpkin cutout. The blogger behind Where the Smiles Have Been transformed an unfinished wooden pumpkin with aqua and pink paint and gave a feminine look to her fall front door. She covered the stem with jute twine, added a burlap bow, and painted the saying “Happy Fall Y’all” on the aqua pumpkin for a shabby chic twist on the traditional fall front door!

Shabby Chic ‘Happy Fall’ Pumpkin Door Hanger (Where the Smiles Have Been)

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Love the vintage look but can’t find vintage pieces? Alicia used cinnamon to create a faux rust effect on lettering for her fall wreath! This clever project may be a little more time consuming to complete than other wreaths, but the result is such a unique way to bring personal style to a fall front door! Check out Hometalker Alicia's video on Hometalk! With faux greenery, foam pumpkins, spray paint, wooden letters, and a grapevine wreath, Alicia showed that one-of-a-kind fall decorations for outside are easy to create!

Fall Wreath With “Rusty” Hello (Alicia W.)

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Confessions of a Serial DIYer chose to complement the bright red mums and orange pumpkins on her porch with a neutral palette on her front door. This gorgeous, neutral fall front door is such a wonderful example of how a beautiful wreath is easy to achieve with only a small amount of supplies. She combined two small grapevine wreaths to create one large wreath and added white and green accents using craft wire and hot glue. The neutral floral stems and fuzzy faux greenery make a gorgeous statement and perfectly share the spotlight with the bold fall colors of the flowers and pumpkins outside the home.

New Fall Wreath (Confessions of a Serial DIYer)

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Front Porch Fall Decorations

Fall porch decor showcases a home’s style—not only for the guests invited inside—but for all to see, and front porch fall decorations are a beautiful way to dress the porch in warm, inviting color at a time when it starts to look dreary outside. In addition to natural elements like flowers, mums, and pumpkins, there are so many clever ways to create fall porch decor that stands out from all of the other houses on the block.

Christy from the blog Our Southern Home created stunning fall porch decor with a cozy seating area and several different areas of visual interest. With the DIY fall decor, a painted mirror, and string light-filled lanterns, her porch overflows with charm and has a style all its own! Each corner of the large porch space holds an array of lovely fall decorations for outside. Christy tucked small pumpkins around the base of her green topiaries. She painted faux pumpkins an antique white and wrapped their stems with burlap twine. A small table in her cozy seating area holds grapevine pumpkins and faux florals. The fall door decor— a gorgeous DIY wreath— puts the finishing touch on a showstopper fall front porch. The beautiful details of this large porch combine to present gorgeous, inviting, fall porch decor.

Fall on the Porch (Christy @ Our Southern Home)

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Repurposing items, scouting thrift stores and frequenting yard sales can help find items to create standout fall front porch decorations with character. Christina from The Frugal Homemaker found a wagon wheel planter at a yard sale and created a unique look for her front porch by using it to showcase outdoor fall decor. The huge iron planter ties in nicely with the iron bench and the dark black metals provide a perfect contrast to the bright mums. 

Fall Front Porch (Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker)

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Repurposing thrifted pieces not only cultivates a one of a kind look, but it is also a budget-friendly way to find fall home decor. The blogger behind Letsjustbuildahouse decorated her front porch using only flea market finds! She found a chair at an estate auction for a dollar and used it to showcase her outdoor fall decor in a charming and unique fashion without spending a fortune to do it. An old metal bucket and barn wood sign accompany the chippy chair to display fall porch decor with style.

Flea Market Finds: Fall Front Porch (Letsjustbuildahouse)

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Not all homes have a large porch to decorate with the changing seasons. Alicia, the blogger behind Thrifty and Chic, built a small bench as a focal point for her fall front door and front steps instantly became more like a front porch. The bench perfectly fills a space along the edge of the front entryway that would not be used otherwise. She added neutral pillows and orange pumpkins on the bench and mixed bright leaf accents around the rest of the space. Along with her front door urns and lantern candle holders, her DIY fall decor project makes the fall front door a very inviting preview of what is inside the home!

Fall Porch and DIY Outdoor Bench (Thrifty and Chic)

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Blogger Mary Alice used containers and an old ladder to demonstrate how even a tiny front stoop can showcase front porch fall decorations. Her clever use of a ladder allowed her decor to go vertical, rather than require a lot of wide porch space. Using the items she already had at home for her fall decor adds so much warmth and depth to a small stoop that without it, would lack the same charm and character.

Fall Front Porch (Mary Alice P.)

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This fall, try some of these fabulous fall home decor ideas and give your front door or front porch a makeover with one of these projects! Instead of just shopping in stores for all of your fall home decor; visit yard sales, use what you have on hand, upcycle items for your fall front porch decor, give home decor you already own or natural elements a fall makeover with spray paint, and find ways to create a fall style that is uniquely your own. Homemade decorations and DIY fall decor projects are more likely to be reused than thrown away and will bring a smile to your face every year. Visit Hometalk for more fall decor inspiration or to share your own ideas to inspire others!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kate| Eating in the Shower

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