Wall Planter Update

by Lauraleedaydreams
6 Materials
3 Minutes

Little wall planters from an estate sale get an easy update.

Let’s get started…

What a bargain. I paid $2 for both. My supplies include blue chalk paint, clear varnish and white wax.

I painted each planter dark blue.

I plan to add white wax to give them a little more demention. But first I need to coat each with a clear varnish which will seal in the chalk paint. Then I’ll be able to add the white wax without fear of pulling up the chalk paint.

I brush on the white wax and before it dries completely I use a paper towel to wipe some of it off. Here you can see the difference between the one with the white wax and the other without.

Now it’s time to add some foliage. I have some thick Styrofoam that was left over from a packaged item.

I just use a knife to cut the Styrofoam. Be forewarned… Cutting Styrofoam with a knife is very squeaky! Lol

I needed a second little piece just to make sure nothing moves.

Now the fun begins. I’m using three different colors. Then some Spanish moss to finish it off.

Using a glue gun I can secure everything into place. I even broke apart some of the greenery to glue smaller pieces around the front edge.

And here they are.

I hope you liked this easy tutorial.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint   (Walmart)
  • Varnish   (Walmart)
  • White wax   (Walmart)
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