Our Homemade Firepit - From All Repurposed Materials

by Rae
I grew up going to a cabin that had a firepit. It was the heart of the activities. Everyone came together around it and the best memories happened there. So, when my husband and I bought our own cabin (right next to the one I grew up going to), our top priority was building a firepit.
Our firepit
We immediately knew where to build it. But, we looked at the ones you buy at the big box stores and just felt they didn't capture the spirit of the cabin.
This is where we decided it belonged
The previous owners left a big metal cement mixing tub. It spoke to us. There were also loads so cinder blocks everywhere. We shot a few holes in the bottom of the tub for water to drain. Then, we built a base out of the blocks and were able to drop the tub right in. It was functional, but ugly.
I spent hours scouring our creek for just the right rocks. Once I started piling them up, my husband stepped in and went old school builder on me. I think he did a great job stacking them around the blocks. You can't even tell what this is made of.
Here it it, waiting to be the center of the p
It's even better than I imagined!
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