Child's pallet and recycled cedar fencing picnic table

Deborah C
by Deborah C
I made this pallet child's picnic table from 2 pallets and recycled old cedar fencing. My daughter has 5 girls ranging from 4 to 10. With them in mind I designed them a table that would fit all the girls needs. Plus add an extra table for adults when the girls are not here. My daughter tore down her old fencing, I asked for her to bring it to me to recycle. So far I have been able to recycle a lot of it. I stained the pallet 2x4" with some deck stain that was in our garage we acquired for free. I sealed the cedar with 4 coats of clear deck sealer which was also free. The only expense was the deck screws to assemble. I made this in one afternoon, and finished the sealant in 2 days.
This table was made for my grand daughter's in range from 4-10 years old. The regular child's picnic table was to small for the older girls, and the adult size was to big for the younger. My version of the in between size. They love it
Found this old John Deere gears at a friends pasture, to give it the decorative edge I like.
With the benches pushed in this table is perfect for adult gatherings for and extra table at bar-b-ques.
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