Outdoor Pallet Table

Jill B
by Jill B
I had fallen in love with the famous pallet table that everyone was pinning on Pinterest. I just had to make one. I was concerned however about the slats of a pallet being uneven. I wanted to be able to use it in our backyard serving lemonade and other drinks, but didn't want to worry about the glasses being uneven or things spilling. I found some flat chipboard pallets behind my local newspaper building. I thought they were perfect and nabbed them as quick as I could!!! When I got them home, I stained them with black exterior stain. I cut (4) 4x4 pieces of wood to put between the 2 pallets to give some space for storage. (marshmallow skewers, matches, lighter, etc.) I stained them to. Then I attached the 4x4s to the two pallets with L brackets. Next, I added 4 casters to the bottom so it would be easily moved. I wanted to add a little something to make them mine and special. I painted a border around the edge of the pallet. Then I printed out my two favorite verses and transferred them onto the border area, then painted them in with black craft paint. Next I sealed the table with an exterior polyurethane. I should have sealed the bottom pallet prior to putting them together, but I didn't and it was too hard to do after I had it all assembled. Word to the wise....seal the bottom pallet prior to assembly!!!! You will regret it later! Anyway, that was it. It weathers well and cleans up like a charm. We play our scrabble game on it or enjoy a warm evening with a cold beverage.
Pallet Table
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  • Ray11505738 Ray11505738 on May 28, 2017
    What did I use to make the solid top for your table. Love the verses some of my favorites too

  • Dawn Letendre Gingras Dawn Letendre Gingras on Oct 12, 2017
    how many pallets

  • Susan Susan on Nov 09, 2019

    It looks purple to me. Is it my phone or my eyes? It says it is black.

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  • Loretta Jasper Loretta Jasper on Feb 27, 2020

    Yes, I am definitely going to make this beautiful table...what a genius you are...I love it, and this will be my major project for this summer...thank you so much

  • Jill B Jill B on Feb 27, 2020

    You’re so welcome! I’d love to see photos!

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    • Jill B Jill B on Mar 17, 2020

      It was some sort of plywood. I believe the brackets were about 2- 3 inches tall.

      word from experience... my table was out in the elements where snow sat on it for 8 months in a row. After a couple years it did not wear well. I should’ve brought it in during winter months. If I had it would’ve been lovely still. I live in ND where we have 2 seasons.... winter and road construction. 😂