Tough Coat Top Coat on Outdoor Patio Set

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by Country Chic Paint
Did you know our new All-in-One Decor paint can be used outdoors? Mary from Orphans With MakeUp used a mix of Simplicity and Vanilla Frosting All-in-One Decor Paint for this beautiful outdoor patio set!
I've had this forest green patio set for so many years and it has weathered many Canadian winters outside.

It had lots of rust coming through on the backs of most of the chairs. I was contemplating getting rid of it this summer just when Country Chic Paint announced its new All-In-One Decor Paint. I knew immediately this was going to be the project to test it on.

It's for Interior and Exterior use! Yep, that's right!

The patio set had lots of flaking paint so I sanded as much of it as I could and then primed it with Rona brand rust primer to contain the rust. I wanted a more vintage look, and white was what I had in mind.

What do you think? Looks almost brand new doesn't it? Ahhh, the power of paint!
This new paint line is available in most of the same colours as their regular paint. Eventually, more colours will become available in the All-In-One Decor Paint.

For this project, I mixed up "Vanilla Frosting" and "Simplicity" to get a medium white and rolled on the paint. You can also use a spray-gun to apply it by diluting it with about 10% water. Drying time is about an hour and it dries to a matte chalky finish.
I used a 6" roller sponge. I found it covered better when I rolled on top and the underside of the chairs and table.
Because of the dark green colour under, it required 2-1/2 coats to get complete coverage, but the rolling really did not take very long.

I had mixed up two 16 oz. jars and had enough for only 3 chairs of the chairs and the table.
If you are using the All-In-One Decor Paint for an exterior project, it is best to let it cure indoors for about a week before setting it outside. After the curing period, the paint really does stick.

I love the new softer look.
Another great thing about this paint is that it does not require any topcoat. It can also be distressed.
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