Poor Little Roadside Chairs Reborn.

Franny Monaghan Lathe
by Franny Monaghan Lathe
3 Materials
2 Days
I found these 2 little white folding rockers on the roadside. The white paint was chalking off but I knew they were sturdy with no rotten wood. So once again I'm dragging big stuff home in my tiniest car. I do have a big SUV but this little car makes it more of an adventure. So here goes the rebirth of these two chairs!
This is how I found them. The paint job was in pretty bad shape, just touching the white paint left a chalky mess everywhere . This is the front.
And here is the back
This is a shot after lots of sanding
Still a little detail sanding needed but almost there
In between the slats was the hardest part so I used my dremel in there.
Here is one with a satin clear coat.
It kinda turned out shabby chic all by itself .
I left just enough of the white paint and the darkened wood to make it add character. Now I have to get to work on it's twin sister.
As I was sanding these chairs I saw that they were made in Canada . If anybody know what kind of wood they please let me know. The wood is very dense.
Suggested materials:
  • Mouse sander   (Had it on hand)
  • Dremel   (Had it on hand)
  • Minwax satin finish clear coat   (Had it on hand)
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