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by Sarah M
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My Flea Market was my opportunity to make a potting station out of a wooden door.
Since the door would be screwed onto a privacy fence, the door had to be flush with the fence, so the door knob will be removed and will be cut down almost flush with the door.
We left just enough door knob stem to reattach  the knob to the door.    
Before cutting the 24x24 inch board into two pieces.  Place masking tape where the board will be cut to prevent the board from splitting. By doing so, it gives you a cleaner cut.  1 piece will be for the top shelf, and the remainder will be your table top – I wanted the top shelf to be wide enough to hold  8 inch flower pots, so the board was cut 10 inches wide. After cutting, sand any rough edges.  
To give the table top more substance, three pieces of 2x2 were cut to length needed, and nailed to the backside of the table top.  Trim will be nailed to the 22 boards, as well as anchoring the door to the privacy fence.  
To anchor the 2x2 boards to the shelf, 2 ½ inch wood screws were used on three sides of the table top. Paint the shelves, spindles, molding and trim.
Attach the table top to the door using 2 ½ inch wood screws.   Attach the table top to the door using 2 ½ inch wood screws.   
Attach the top shelf to the shelf brackets and mount on door.
Since my door was cut down to fit the privacy fence, the spindles also had to be cut down to size and screwed onto the table top.  Cut the trim to the size needed to fit your top shelf and table top and attach with nails.

Cut the crown molding to the size needed for your door and nail onto the top of your door.  A piece of cardboard was anchored to the top of the door to guide where the molding would go, and to help keep the molding even.  
A broken rake head was screwed onto the door to hold my garden tools.
The door was placed on a dolly and rolled out to the back yard where it was mounted onto the privacy fence.  Next came the pot and garden tool placement and I'm in business! Let the gardening begin! I love how this potting station turned out.
Suggested materials:
  • Wooden door
  • 1 24x24 inch board
  • Two spindles
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