Recycled Tyre Chair - Rocky Road Backpackers - South Africa

Rocky Road Backpackers
by Rocky Road Backpackers
This recycled tyre has been turned into a very comfortable chair in our garden. My friend Richard spend 2 days making the chair. The rope work takes a long time and it must be done with precision otherwise it looses the spiral effect. We are willing to make these chairs to order,with the cost at R750.00 ( $75.00). It may seem a bit pricy, but it takes a long time to construct. We had a couple of failed attempts, but finally worked it out with great results. We would like to turn this into a community development project to create jobs in a previously disadvantaged community close to where we life. We would love to get some feed back on this product to see if it viable and if people would be interested in purchasing them..
Recycled tyre chair - Rocky Road Backpackers - South Africa
Recycled tyre chair - Rocky Road Backpackers - South Africa
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