Unique Interchangeable TV Tray, for Christmas AND Everyday!

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After about 20 years, I got a new couch! So excited!
But that puts a slightly different spin onto all things eating in the living room, doesn't it? I needed a TV tray pronto, vs. balancing hot soup on my knee.
Digging through my junk stash, my eyes landed on a yellowed solid wood TV tray I've (hoarded?) had for at least 2 years.
Totally inspired, (thanks to a couch that desires to look new for longer than a day), I grabbed the pallet wood and paint.. and added a seriously fun, unexpected twist!
This interchangeable tray idea works hard (while looking gorgeous) everyday, yet still knows how to party!
I could only wish I had the same stamina...
Do you have an old TV tray this idea would work on?
Here's how I did it!
Two trays in one? Yes! With a twist!

This TV tray is geared to work hard every day of the year. But slip on the top, and you are ready for Christmas!

This was such a fun challenge, and could work with virtually any TV tray you may have.
This yellowed solid wood TV tray was spotted at a thrift store a couple of years back. No wonder it sat... as is, did not inspire me to use it!

So let's fix that.
Building the pallet wood tray

First, a tray was created out of pallet wood planks. What keeps this tray in place are the two support boards holding the planks together.

The TV tray was flipped upside down to calculate the build.

* Full tutorial is on the SEE MORE link at the bottom of this post. *
Stencilling the top of the pallet tray

Once the tray was built, a festive stencil was used to decorate the tray top.

* Stencil info below.

* Read full tutorial in the SEE MORE link below.
This stencil comes with a super cool grain sack line feature! A light touch of red was added first.

Tip: When stencilling, use a very dry brush, and move your hand along the stencil where you apply the paint to help keep the stencil in place.
Once the red was dry, the next stencil was painted right on top of the red line.

Tip: Go heavier in paint when going over the red line so it's properly covered. This is why you'll want to do the red in a light touch.
Well, just check that beauty out! All ready for hot cocoa!
The original TV tray prep

But let's investigate what lies underneath, once the holidays are a done deal.

First, I painted the legs of the TV tray in black.

Next, the top of the oval tray was sanded down, then a wood stain was added (something I had on hand - nothing fancy)

Once dry, this everyday coffee stencil was painted on top of the stained top.

* Stencil info below.

* Read full tutorial in the SEE MORE link below.
How cute and easy was that? Makes indulging my morning coffee habit even more fun!

Now, the hard part is deciding which way to use the tray...

Make sure you click the SEE MORE link below to see how each tray looks in the room!
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