Upcycled Utility Cart

Pam Edwards
by Pam Edwards
Found the bottom basket at Hobby Lobby, and the other 2 I found around the house and used leftover paint to make them match. Would be cute in a laundry room!
Love to find old junk around the garage and make something useful with it! My old piano bench, old shutters that used to hang in my dining room, old boards...
I made pilot holes and then screwed a cut- to- fit board into the upright shutters.
I cut off the piano bench legs and drilled a hole to accomodate an old dowel I found laying around. Glued the dowel into the leg. Found 2 old casters, so I decided to use them for one side, stationery legs for the other side.
The piano bench legs worked great.
I drilled holes in the bottom board and glued the legs into place.
I painted the unit a pretty blue.
Added shelf supports too.
Bought fabric and Modgepodged it to a couple of boards I found for shelves and cut to fit.
Modgepodged the fabric to the piano bench seat too.
Added in the shelves.
The finished product. I just pick up one end and drag by the wheels. Wish I had a big laundry room, but alas, I don't. Well, it was fun making it by myself anyway!
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  • S.Harley S.Harley on Oct 16, 2015
    WOW--you did a great job and this is such a creative project!

  • Rosemir Fadel Rosemir Fadel on Oct 24, 2015
    Pam, me desculpe o palpite eu olhei e vou opinar, Apesar de Você NÃO PEDIR. Você DEVE pintar os pés do Carrinho, ELE COM OS Pés envernizados ficou Estranho .....