Portable Tool Caddy on Wheels. ;-D

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
I am a small time DIY'er. I've got myself myself some small time tools to see if I will take it seriously. ;-) I hated to bring out one tool at a time. Then hall it all back in my garage. I don't have a shed. So I thought I need to buy a cart or portable container to put all my tools that I need at one time. But this is what I came up with instead.
I bought this at a Goodwill couple years ago, not sure what for. It's been a shelf for my knick-knacks- it was too wide and you couldn't see all the pretties, then a plant holder - plants had to be small and after they grow had to be moved out, then I moved it into my garage where it was a shoe caddy, but it never worked as it's wide and all kept just leaving their shoes on the side. So light bulb moment went on & decided I can make my own tool caddy on wheels.
Bottom of the car & install castors.
The only thing I had to buy was the castors. They are more expensive $ then I thought however, I knew I needed some that would lock in place and sturdy enough to roll in and out on gravel/base to side of my yard where I do a lot of my work or roll out of garage.
I had all the left over wood, added some extra strength to hold and stabilize the castors and weight of tools. I didn't bother to cut down the bottom piece of wood, it was perfect enough for me and gave me an extra added shelf.
One of my other scrap pile wood just happened to be a perfect width and size to make a top for the cart.
I then decided to make it permanent but fold down so I cut it on both sides.
Ok so I jumped to the finished part. Added hinges on underside. And with left over pieces of wood, I made the hold up arms. (PS I don't even know the names to all this- as I said I am a small time DIY'er) Learn as I go.
The cart is very sturdy, has held heavy plants on ceramic pots, I check it out first.
Don't paint at night-see the drip. ;-/
Here is the under the cart hinges, and the piece of wood I screwed in to hold the arm to hold up the sides. I just had it all on hand, this part took me a bit to figure out as I didn't know how to do it & the guy at the hard ware store told me wrong and I know have to return the pieces he told me to buy. They didn't work out. Better for me as what I use was free and had on hand.
And I had left over paint, of course I thought it had to be red, cause the red rolling bar stools in my garage are red. All done.
And here it is with all my small time tools.
One side down...
...two sides down to put away neatly in my garage. For now this will
I also can use it for other projects as seen here for another project I was doing. So I used it before it's intended use.
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  • Jerri M Jerri M on Aug 06, 2014
    Great Job!!!

  • Sandra Crosbie Sandra Crosbie on Jun 22, 2015
    I have only just seen this. I think it is an ingenious idea🎓 I would love to have a cart like yours. Brilliant. I hope you still get enjoyment and use from it.

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    • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Jun 23, 2015
      Looking back my garage was much neater and less stuff. I need to purge some.