Not all garages are created equal...

When you have this much bare concrete, can you imagine how much cleaner it will be with a beautiful epoxy finish?
Almost 2500 sf of man cave !
here is the before....
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  • Virginia, this is not a paint, it is a commercial epoxy. it will not delaminate if you have a professional install this system using the correct equipment and materials. Very few have a shot blaster or aggressive grinding systems to create the proper profile on the floor. Very few have access to industrial materials which are used in commercial operations. When you find a real professional and not a handyman renting home depot tools, the hot tires will not take up the paint. Its not an inexpensive process, but anything worthwhile is worth what paid for...

  • Mike B Mike B on Aug 26, 2013
    Just getting around to commenting (BTW, I am the owner of this garage.)... The floor is flawless and sooooo easy to keep clean as compared to bare concrete or other finishes I have had. There are no problems with hot tires having any impact on the coating. I drive everything from a full size SUV, a Jeep setup for offroad, ATVs, boat trailer, a tractor, and lawnmower. There have been no problems with any of them. My old Cub tractor developed an oil leak and it was a couple weeks before I knew it. I simply wiped it up and there are no signs it was ever there. This garage gets alot of traffic as I entertain a good bit and by far the most comments are made about the beautiful floor which also extends into the bathroom and office (2500 sq.ft. total). I was fortunate to be working from home the week Gary's team installed the floor. They spent significant time with the prep work. The concrete was new, but still had flaws which they corrected. I am very picky and have been planning this garage for years. I thought I had found all the imperfections in the finish, but these guys have a much better eye and corrected everything. I also loved the way the filled the expansion joints with a foam backer and then covered it with the epoxy so they are completely hidden. Without question, I made the right decision on the floor and would do it again.

    • Kate Kate on Aug 28, 2016
      Thanks for the user review, Mike. It always helps to hear how a finish holds up months or years down the road. I hope you're still enjoying the garage!