An Upcycled Fairy House and Solar Light

Cynthia H
by Cynthia H
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My granddaughter is six and loves fairies. We've put little fairy houses in her flower garden (little birdhouses we painted and dolled up), painted rocks to make walkways, and made fairies. But, a solar nightlight? Had to ponder that one.
So, I decided to use one of the pod detergent plastic jugs, and went into my stash of craft stuff to make a little fairy house that could double as a nightlight.
I painted the inside with some pink craft paint (purple and pink are her favorite colors). Then i glued a different little wooden door on since it fit better, with E6000 glue. The link is listed at the end.
I cut a hole in the lid as I did with previous projects, so that the solar light would fit in snug. I glued some wooden "windows" and "fence" on this side.
Our favorite glass "gems" also had a place. One of our handmade "fairies" is hanging out on the top in this picture.
Another angle.
More gems. Leaving it by a sunny window all day or in a room with a light on charges the solar light. Although I couldn't get a good picture of it lighting the room, it looks very sweet with the pink glow. I put some river rocks in the bottom so it is more stable. My granddaughter loves it!
Here is a similar one I made at night. I already had the door, windows, gems, river rock, fence, etc. in my stash. I gave a list of where they were purchased at the end, and a link for the fairy door. The plastic jug was originally filled with detergent pods so was recycled. Any jug or large jar could be used, but, I wanted to use something that wouldn't break if she knocked it over or dropped it. If she wants, it can also move out to her fairy garden.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic jug   (recycled after detergent)
  • Wood fairy door   (Amazon)
  • Wood windows   (Amazon)
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