Autumn Garden

Michelle W
by Michelle W
The Autumn weather is being very mild, not doubt that will change and soon. But in the meantime it is good to be able to get out in the garden and do some tidying up. And the bulbs are all up and some are flowering !
The daffodil patch, when I dug them up once (not something I want to do too often) there were about 1000 in there. I am going to kill off the grass and plant something slower growing, that doesn't get as long, but that will have to wait.
G4 - I divided the garden up, so this is garden 4 and the border is about 20 meters long. Our garden is 1256 sq meters, plus a huge area out the front, that is road reserve (where the daddofils are), it's a lot of work.
The other end of G4 and the Narcissus are out, not for long though, see below.
They smell divine !
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