Cheap Attractive Garden Border Edging

Julie Lane
by Julie Lane
2 Materials
1 Day

Wanted a cheap border which i could do myself and which would be long lasting


Dug a trench about half depth of the pavers

Layed a bit of mortar mix and squadged them in.

Just put some mortar in the gaps and put gravel up to them.

Also built little edges around the bottom of fruit trees

Ok they aren't perfect but they're home made!

If you have pavers that need to be cut you can read this handy How To Cut Concrete Cut Pavers guide!

Suggested materials:
  • Cheap block pavers.   (Local diy outlet)
  • Mortar mix
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  • Susan payne Susan payne on Jan 07, 2017
    Do you mix the mortar? Or use it dry?

  • Mwi29452915 Mwi29452915 on Aug 23, 2017
    What are some suggestions for mailboxes

  • Bink Bink on Jan 04, 2018
    What kind of trees did you plant and why are they so close together?🤔

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  • Jjsunflower😎 Jjsunflower😎 on Feb 16, 2018
    I have gone down road the and seen flowers around mailboxes very pretty BUT I wouldn’t want to be that mail lady trying to advoid the Bees 🐝 wasp yellow jackets that hang around the flowers 💐 my opinion😎

    • Shuganne Shuganne on Apr 06, 2018

      I'd end up using plastic or silk flowers and greenery. Allergic reaction to bee stings can be life threatening. In our sue-'em society, you have to protect yourself. 'Sides I'd forget to water the lovely flowers and end up with dried out twigs. Ooh, fire hazard from discarded cigarette... there goes the house and the neighbor's too😢

  • Butterfly Butterfly on Apr 26, 2018

    Great idea and perfection isn't everything I love the rustic I did it myself look! Thanks for sharing.