Decorate Your Birdbath Every Christmas With This Clever Gorgeous Idea

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I have to admit that I love decorating for Christmas outdoors just as much as indoors! My latest outdoor Christmas decorating project is a birdbath placed under a large tree in a garden bed in our front yard. It used to look very unsightly with chipped paint, some rust and it even had a chunk broken off in the middle so it could no longer hold any water. It no longer could be used as a healthy birdbath for birds but I did not want to get rid of it. I updated with a new coat of paint and now have fun decorating it for the different seasons during the year. This is how I decorated it for Christmas!
Even though I don’t use mine as a birdbath any more the instructions and ideas I am sharing with you will work on any birdbath that has a wide shallow basin and is not filled with water.

I have to admit it was easy to come up with the idea for how I wanted to decorate my birdbath for Christmas. But once I started to create it there were several problems I had to work through in order for my idea to actually work. Hopefully, I have saved you some time, money and hassles by problem solving the issues I encountered.
Problem #1 – Cost

It is fun to decorate for Christmas but it can get quite pricey. I found this gorgeous extra large ornament and the Christmas ball ornaments at the thrift store. The other items including the two different sized faux evergreen wreaths and the three different kinds of ribbon were all bought on sale or with a 50% off coupon.
Problem #2 – Evenly Attaching The Christmas Ball Ornaments

I recommend attaching a smaller 18” wreath on top of a larger 24” wreath with floral wire. You can use the outside of the smaller wreath as your guide for attaching the Christmas ball ornaments around its outer edge in a nice even circle.
Problem #3 – Disappearing Extra Large Ornament

My first attempt at attaching the extra large Christmas ornament did not work because it sank through the hole in the middle of the wreath and disappeared. So I looped dark green ribbon at the back of the wreath to create a support for it to rest on.
Problem #4 – Losing The Christmas Decoration In a Strong Wind

The way my birdbath is designed I did not have an attractive way to attach the decoration so it would not blow away in the likely event that there is a very strong winter wind. My solution was to attach another loop of green ribbon loose enough for a brick or landscaping paving block to slip through.
This also gave the decoration a bit more height when placed in the basin of the birdbath.
Problem #5 – Having To Redecorate The Birdbath Every Year

Now that this birdbath decoration is made up it is very easy to remove and replace year after year. It literally takes a few minutes at the beginning and end of the Christmas season. All I have to do is place it in storage till next time!
Here is how the Christmas decorated birdbath looks in the front yard. The snow fell just in time for when I wanted to take some photographs. It really adds a gorgeous splash of Christmas colour to the front yard.
A strong wind did shortly arrive so I was able to test how the added weight actually worked. I love how the ribbon ends look blowing in the breeze!

For more details and photographs including how I made the gorgeous big bow I invite you to visit the blog. Making a big bow with three different kinds of wire edged ribbon is actually quite easy to do!

Hopefully I was able to troubleshoot the issues ahead of time for you so you can design and decorate your birdbath for Christmas too!
Time With Thea
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    Very colourful and cheering, do you take it indoors when it rains or snows?

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    What about the birds? Why not make it edible for birds?

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    Don't squirrels bother the decoration?

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