DIY Project Turned Cool Garden Art

This DIY yard art originally started as a plan to make a faux stained glass window for above our porch swing. Apparently, that wasn't meant to be! Instead, we now have some cool garden art that makes me smile! Take a look at how it all came about-
I started by purchasing translucent pony beads - the kind you can see through.
I used a large cookie sheet to make our whimsical yard art and LOTS of pony beads, both colorful and clear.
I started making a pattern on the fly, adding flowers and some fern-like with a clear background. No need to grease the sheet first, but one thing you do need is patience moving all the small the beads around!
I finished the background with orange beads after running out of first clear and yellow beads. You may want to plan your pattern better than I did! For me, this was simply an off-the-cuff fun project with little to no planning involved - which was fun!
We melted the pony beads in a pre-heated grill (about 450 degrees) to avoid plastic fumes in the house. With the lid down, we 'cooked' them for 15 minutes before checking - which is when we learned that the grill does not heat evenly. Shoot! Some of the beads were melted and some were still whole.

After cooking for another few minutes, we had to take it off as some of the beads were burning. Was this a DIY fail?
At first I thought so. But then I decided to place it around the garden and I could see that it's just plain fun! In fact, it looks kind of magical to me.

I like that there is no right or wrong way to display this - and my hope is that it will inspire all who see it to try and DIY whatever they're thinking of - who knows how it will turn out?

There are lots more pictures (including how cool this looks around the garden) and information at the website linked below:
Front Porch Ideas
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Cheryl Williams Cheryl Williams on May 03, 2017
    What temperature do you set your oven on to finish eating the beads and for how long.? Thank you in advance. Cheryl

  • Cheryl Williams Cheryl Williams on May 03, 2017
    I meant to type melting beads instead of eating. SORRY!

  • Donna Davis Donna Davis on Jul 29, 2017
    does it come out of the pan easy?

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  • S Clarissa Cartwright S Clarissa Cartwright on Mar 24, 2017
    I'll definitely trying the oven...with the vent on and the back door open!

  • Linda Flanigan Linda Flanigan on May 28, 2017
    Ok used a round pizza tray in the grill just kept rotating..worked can also put the beads in metal cookie cutters and melt

    • Van49678878 Van49678878 on Jan 06, 2022

      😊 your cookie cutter idea is brilliant! Do you fill them ALL the way to the top (cookie cutters hold more than this pan, that’s all)?? Thanks so much. — Vanessa 🦋