DIY Vertical Herb Garden ~ Part 2

Becky W
by Becky W
A continuation from Part 1. I finally finish my Vertical Garden!!!
Refer to Part 1 for a Materials list.
I left off from Part 1 with creating the tilted shelves. Before I attached them to the 1x2s I cut out 3 holes to place the pots in. Once I had the first board cut out I used it as a template to cut the other 4 boards.
Now, for those pesky squirrels and chipmunks.... I planned to add a screen door! Still allows sunlight and air but hopefully {fingers crossed} it keeps those little buggers out of my herbs! I started by putting together a basic door that fit within the frame of the Garden.
And the door is ready to go! I laid the Garden on it's back to attach the hinges and locks.
I had some hinges on-hand but they were bright gold. The locks I purchased were silver so that wasn't going to work. I laid everything out on a cardboard box. I stuck the screws into the box so the heads sat upright. And then I brought out the spray paint! Once they were dried I attached them to the Garden and the door frame.
I was hoping the Garden would be fairly light but that sucker was heavy. Now I just need a few more herbs. What should I buy to fill in the Vertical Herb Garden? So far I've purchased:






Lemon Thyme
Becky W
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  • Kate Kate on Aug 03, 2016
    How is it working out with the screen door? It sounds like a great innovation if it doesn't block light or growing room.

  • Oceanna Oceanna on Oct 11, 2022

    You did a beautirul job and thanks for sharing. One question, though, with your plants slanted doesn't the water run off?

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  • Jordan Le Bouton Jordan Le Bouton on Mar 11, 2019

    So cute and a great idea. Things always have to be cute too.

  • Shelly Moore Shelly Moore on Jun 07, 2021

    Sage! Oregano, Chives, pineapple sage, purple and Thai Basil, chocolate mint is a Must!! Especially if you love chocolate and Mint like I do!!! Lemon Balm and Nasturtiums! Look them up to see if you want or even like them. Also just an FYI, some herbs you might want to plant or plant in pots around your patio or porch or where ever are outside. Lemongrass, scented geraniums, mosquito/citronella plants and some others keep mosquitoes away. I often tuck some lemon balm,or mint in my hat, hair, pocket and rub some on my hands, arms and legs to keep bugs and mosquitoes and flies away!!! (I ghave a Huge patch! Love it in teas) mint also can keep some pests from coming inside too. Lemon Verbena is like a small bush so it gets kinda tall might not fit in your shelves. Love this idea. Every pot I put out gets a few walnuts planted by the squirrels I often get baby walnut trees started in my pots. Not where I Want Them!!! Have fun gardening! Great project!