Dragon Garden/Night Light

Jean SF
by Jean SF
6 Materials
15 Minutes
I had time on my hand and wanted to do some crafting. Instead of a fairy garden I chose to do a dragon one and added the lights for night light..This is a easy project to do. If you got kids they will have fun doing this. Also with Christmas around the corner this will make a unique gift made from the heart and your hands.
I gather all my items together. Two bags of sand and two bags of stone, the lights, the dragon,the bowl, and don't forget the batteries. At end added some tissue paper left over from a gift bag I had.
Pour first level sand in your choice of container. I chose a heart but dollar tree had several others to choose from.
Added my second color of sand.
Added stones from both bags I had on hand. You won't use all the stones or sands but that means more projects yet to come.
I added my dragon and a couple of charms left over from a previous project.
Added my lights. (double A batteries) also this is when I decided to add my tissue paper. (used clear tape to stick to the glass). Make this project your own by adding your items like mini turtles or super heroes .Price varies depending on what you add or subtract from this project. Makes a great night light!
Suggested materials:
  • Two different color of sand   (Dollar Tree)
  • Two different bags of stones   (Dollar Tree)
  • Red lights power by AA batteries   (Dollar Tree)
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