Drawings for the bridge

by Louie
Hello to all, thanks again for the comments. This is truly the first time I actually do this, but I have had this on my mind for the longest. Until the other day I could not hold myself anymore, and I spoke to my wife about it. I am working on some more projects and soon I will post them. The following are drawings how I did the bridge, enjoy.
You can get a pallet by just going to Homedepot or any store that carries them, just ask them, they may just let you have one at no charge.
Once you get it home, being very careful you want to remove the nails. Keep in mind that pallets are very strong and you want to make sure not to hurt yourself. Wear heavy duty gloves.
The "round" pieces of wood i actually got them from an old table that my nieghbor had.
Once you remove the slabs of wood from pallet, connect them to the two half pieces. Like the image.
The side "wood bars" get connected to the long wooden poles, these may have a different Measurement.By looking at the sideview will give you an ideal on how it should look.
The solar lights I picked up at my local Hardwarer store. The can get connected with some velcro around the pole.
The ending results may vary, but will look something like this. You can determine how big by the Measurements you take. I hope this helps you and I'd love to see some pictures if you build it, thanks again louie.
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