Driveway Landscape (Before & After)

by Cepontzsons
This Driveway Landscape project consisted of a complete renovation to the driveway entrance. As well as the surrounding area. The project included stone veneered retaining walls, landscape beds, plants and trees, and landscape lighting per our landscape design. The retaining walls and pillars on both sides were constructed using concrete block and faced with stone veneer. Some tree and brush removal had to be completed to make room for excavation and installation. Fine grading and seeding was done to all disturbed areas. Some of the upper areas of the driveway had to be re-graded. This allowed for proper storm water runoff. Low voltage lighting was also installed along retaining walls and throughout the surrounding landscape. After landscape and hardscape installtion was complete the beginning part of the driveway was re-paved and sealed. This project was installed in Ephrata, PA.
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