Easy & Amazing DIY Modern Plant Wall

10 Materials
4 Days
So what do you do when your budget is limited, your backyard is small and boring, and you long for that cool “Dwell” high end vibe? You do this. Best. Project. Ever. This DIY modern plant wall just may be our proudest DIY moment yet! And it was easy. Be sure to click through for the entire tutorial at the end!
So lets start out with what we used to make this plant wall happen…
  • 1×4 hemlock lumber (We used hemlock because we loved the modern feel, but you could use cedar or another wood for your area)
  • 4 X 5/4 cedar (For upright posts) (you could use 2×4’s) (There has been some confusion about this measurement... It it 4 inch wide, 5/4 (1 1/4 Inch) deep lumber.)
  • Black drywall screws (The folks at Home Depot recommended some coated ones they say won’t rust!)
  • Landscape construction adhesive (We used Liquid Nails heavy duty)
  • Ikea storage containers (from kitchen storage), different sizes – Smallest ones are called “SUNNERSTA” and are only .79! Medium and large size are a mystery as to the name, but there is a photo of the label below with the number so you can find it. They ranged from 4-7 bucks, and all of these containers had built in “hooks” for hanging on a kitchen bar system. There are likely a range of these kinds of containers that would work.
  • “Plasti Dip” rubberized spray paint from dipyourcar.com believe it or not!
  • Wood penetrating oil and stain (We used PPG Timeless in Cedar, make sure you use one for exterior use!)
  • Power saw
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Clamps
  • Sawhorses
Paint brushes for stain
One of the first things we discovered is that some wood takes stain well, and some doesn’t. Our test piece came out blotchy and uneven, so we went out searching for a solution. We got advice on wood conditioners, denatured alcohol, and other such solutions that seemed way more complicated than we wanted to deal with. Then we had someone explain that when some wood is cut, it creates a “burn” of sorts, creating a barrier to the stain. And all we had to do was sand. All? We had 44 pieces for our fence! So we bought a Ryobi palm sander, some hook and loop sanding paper (which is way cool compared to the old style, BTW) and got to sanding. Lucky, for us, a light go over on all sides did the trick!
Now we were ready to secure our upright 5/4×4 posts to the block wall. We generously applied Liquid Nails to the back of the post board, then set into place and clamped tightly. Use a level to make sure they are straight.
Ok, so after letting the posts cure for a couple of days, we got back to it. We started installing the boards 1 inch apart using a spacer we made from scrap.
Hope you love this project as much as we do! The cost for this project could vary widely, based on your lumber and supply selections. Cedar would cost less than the hemlock we used. Do your homework! Make sure you head over to The Garden Glove to see the entire tutorial with more detail and tips!
Remi @ TBD•TGG•OhMeOhMy
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Lisa Fauerbach Lisa Fauerbach on Jun 03, 2020


  • Jessica Jessica on May 14, 2021

    Can this be done on a wooden fence?

  • Amy Amy on Mar 30, 2022

    I was wondering if this could be done on a wooden fence. Right now I am just going to use water/soda bottles. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea. Happy Spring

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  • Amsd Amsd on Sep 18, 2020

    Amazing. Love the look,!

  • Danielle Danielle on May 27, 2021

    I cannot wait to do this on the huge expanse of stucco’d wall behind my pool. What an ingenious idea, you guys!!👍🏼

    There isn’t enough room to plant anything back there, so using these buckets, will be just perfect for adding much needed greenery to my walls. Living in the southwest, wood gets destroyed pretty fast when left to the elements, so I’m thinking about using TREX fabricated lumber. No sanding or sealing, and it always looks new. I’ve not used it before, but man, I LOVE this look!! Job well done!!🎉

    • Good idea using the Trex! I hope you can still find the Ikea containers. I fear they might be discontinued. Although I'm sure you could find a replacement that will work!