An EASY and AWESOME Yard Art Project

Patty G
by Patty G
4 Materials
1 Hour
Take an old throw away wood framed window and easily turn it into something beautiful!
I started with some things I already had!
Ok crafters, if you’re not familiar with the free listings on Craigslist, then it’s time you were. I go there for so many items from furniture (that’s crying out to be re-done) to old vintage wood framed windows and so much more. Here is one of my projects that with just a little time, very little money and a little imagination I have made something that looks so sweet in my patio/garden area. 
I already had some flat marbles and some tile left over from other projects, but made a trip to the dollar tree also to pick up more marbles (they are flat on one side). Sometimes there are different colors and shapes available, and for $1 a bag, the price cannot be beat. I also had picked up at my local Goodwill the small metal sign that says “Grow” for just a couple dollars. You could really use your imagination here…
  • Cut your word (any word) from construction paper and use decoupage to stick it to the glass and cover it with a few more coats
  • You could use vinyl letters/words that will stick to the glass
  • You could even use painted wood letters or words from your favorite craft store – there are many options out there

Now, let the fun begin! Even my cat Jackson couldn’t help getting in the middle of the FUN! First lay out your design, and then glue it all into place. I always use E6000 clear adhesive for my projects as it has not failed me yet!
Here is my finished project!
I won’t leave this out when the weather is rainy or snowy as it would eventually get ruined, but for those dry times of the year, I will enjoy it!
That's it!! For now, it’s leaning against a plant stand but I will eventually find a more permanent place for it by using quickcrete to permanently put a 4” x 4”’ in the ground and chain it up…something like this last photo.

Thanks for checking out my project!
Suggested materials:
  • Flat marbles   (Dollar Tree)
  • Old Window   (Craigslist)
  • Tile   (Yard sale)
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