Fastest Way to Plant A Raised Garden Bed

The Garden Stamp
by The Garden Stamp
How make the best use of your raised garden bed without measuring.
Garden Stamp: The Fastest Way to Plant a Raised Garden Bed
You'll need a fresh bag of soil or growing media and a Garden Stamp.
Use the Stamp as a trowel to spread the soil evenly.
Garden Stamp is one square foot so you can stamp directly or...
...use the edge to block your squares.
Stamp out the entire bed.
Choose your seeds. (See our previous post on how to create a convenient Bead Box Seed Library.)
Place seeds following the Easy Dot Planting Guide included with your Stamp.
Gently pat the soil to cover up your seeds.
Water your freshly planted bed and hose down the Stamp.
Tip: Feeling creative? Plant a color pattern!
Garden Stamped lettuce pattern with Sweet Alyssum
Garden Stamped American Flag
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  • Jamie Gross Jamie Gross on May 14, 2014
    I love patterns made by the Garden Stamp and how easy it is. No space wasted in my 4 x 4 raised garden and I'm close to beig able to harvest my spinach and lettuce.

  • Annette Hird Annette Hird on Nov 28, 2014
    What a fantastic idea. Just shared it with my easyurbangardens readers and put it on my own wishlist!