Faux Copper Head Planter

Cynthia E
by Cynthia E
5 Hours
I am in love with head planters, but couldn't see paying $70- $80 for one. I saw the small doll head planters on Pinterest, which gave me an idea. My daughter had an old, ruined Bratz makeup doll head in shed --marker all over face and hair chopped off-- so glad I hadn't tossed it in the trash yet. Sorry, no before or step by step pictures.

I took the doll and using heavy duty scissors cut out scalp where hair was. Be sure to use heavy duty scissors, as the rubber is tough to cut through. I then unscrewed the star base. I used a scrap piece of plywood and traced base of doll onto it, then cut out inside lines so I could screw this inside of doll base. I did this step so I could screw doll down to railing so stayed put no matter weather or cats rubbing against.

To paint, using a flat black spray paint for plastic, I sprayed an even coat all over as my primer. I then applied two coats Copper paint using a foam brush and letting it dry between coats. I used a green patina medium and a foam brush that I held over head and let run down all around it.
As soon as the patina was the way I wanted, I sprayed it with a gloss outdoor sealer. I let it dry and planted with plants I had on hand for her hair (which I have decided to change - she's going to be getting new hair of peacock fern.)
This project was free as I had everything on hand. Took 5 hours but most of time was spent waiting on paint to dry.
This is finished head planter.
This was the type of Bratz head I used (of course like I said 1 I had was ruined)
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  • Sandy Hartnett Sandy Hartnett on May 22, 2016
    What do u use to make the larger heads? I love all u showed very much! I'd like to make large ones and put them in my 10 ft. Bow window in my kitchen! I'm amazed how beautiful they look! Hugs and thanks

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