Faux Rusty Cast Iron Head Planter

Cynthia E
by Cynthia E
2 Hours
I found this wig head at a re-sell store pd a quarter! Score, knew it would become a new head planter for me.
This wig head was a plastic molded face over an indented styrofoam head so I didn't need to cut a hole for a small pot to sit in. First I used E600 glue to really secure the face to the styrofoam all the way around the edges. I then used a flat black spray paint for plastic and base painted for a primer. When that was dry I used Krylon's stone textured paint-- anycolor will work as will be painted over but I used white as had bumpiest texture. When that was dry I gave it a light coat of spray oil rubbed bronze, didn't wait for this to dry I then sprayed a flat black all over. When this was dry I repeated with the bronze and flat black. When they were dry I grabbed my cinnamon and paprika out of spice cabinet I took a foam brush and dipped in water and then squeezed out over head. Really quickly before water dried I poured paprika and cinnamon over the water. I let that dry then added more "rust" whereever I thought it needed it . I let everything dry and then coated whole head with spray flat shellac After everything was dry I put a small pot in head that is planted with a baby burros tail cactus. Can't wait until her hair gets long :) -
She really does resemble cast iron, the cinnamon gave it's own rust coloring and the paprika gave both a rusty color and texture.
Sorry I didn't take step by step photos. Will take step by step of next 1 I make. Cost was only a quarter as had everything but wig head previously, and time was just spent waiting on paint to dry.
After picture
Close up after picture
Before picture.
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  • Edna Guthrie Edna Guthrie on Oct 18, 2016
    Awesome love it! Especilly the paint job!

  • San1665880 San1665880 on Apr 28, 2018

    Wow! It really does look like cast iron! Thanks for sharing your technique! I can see some creativity in my future!! Great job!

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    • San1665880 San1665880 on Apr 28, 2018

      Perhaps an Irish Claddah...😊