From Garbage to Home...

by Mfa23776977
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3 Hours
How I gave a new life to a discarded wrought iron plant stand, with just a coat of paint! Take a look at how it quickly transformed into something functional and beautiful!
I found this old plant stand next to the garbage on the street and knew I had to give it new life!

Look at all those stains and marks, I needed to give it a real wipe down before i could do anything else.

I brought it home and got to work. I cleaned it, sanded it, and wiped it down with vinegar, It was a good clean for an old find.

Here is when I cleaned it and sanded it and wiped it down with vinegar. Looking clean! Now let's give it some life!
The plant stand needed something to brighten it up! So I decided to give it a pop of color. Using spray paint, I sprayed it blue to match my home. Now it is looking great and I can put it back to use.
This was a simple makeover for a sad old plant stand. Now it looks fresh and bright being used to hold my plants in my home. Doesn't it look happy in its new home?

I hope you enjoyed, I had fun fixing it up!
Suggested materials:
  • Old iron plant stand, vinegar, and spray paint   (Junk yard, vinegar from store, spray paint from the paint store)
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