Fun and low cost hummingbird feeders

by Robyn
I am copying an idea I saw at the street fair I went to recently. Someone had made darling feeders for the hummers with what looked like spice jars. Since I don't like to cook I don't have or want to buy spice jars. I found a website that sells one ounce jars with red lids. I could only get a quantity of 48 but they cost so little. I am setting them around the yard in pots, on tables to entice the hummingbirds I already have here. I set them in cups of water so the ants don't get them.
Tiny 1 ounce jar. I drilled a hole in the top for the birds to drink through.
So easy to clean!
Filled with sugar water, sitting inside a bowl of water, waiting for a thirsty bird :)
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  • Sherry Hudson Chappelle Sherry Hudson Chappelle on Jun 13, 2016
    You mention sugar water....if you make your own you better have the ratio right. If it has too much sugar it will kill these beautiful little flittery fliers. A county extension agent told me this, so I know it is a fact.

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    • Teresa Teresa on Jun 14, 2022

      And boil it for 20 minutes then let cool...

  • P Gropp P Gropp on Jun 13, 2016
    This critique makes good sense. Maybe the 48 spice jars can be used rightside up, top off, for bird seeds. Would be easy to wrap wire around and hang them in a bush or tree.