A Few of My Garden Treasures!

Barbara Sims
by Barbara Sims
Hi everyone! My name is Barbara and I'm from the foot of the mountains in Bedford, VA, near the Peaks of Otter. I've been married for 41 years, have 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl), and 7 grandkids, 6 boys & 1 girl. We have Logan (8), Carsen (7), Ashton (5), Caleb (4), Chevy (3), Carl (20 months), and Louis, (6 months). My husband loves to grow our own vegetables to can/freeze. We have blackberries for the grandkids, lots are in the freezer for future cobblers (which the grandkids love!!) I love my flower beds and constantly looking for what some call "junk" but they are tresures to hubby & me! Hope you enjoy these.
Here's our little Chevy.
I also enjoy wood-burning signs for our yard.
Son gave me this old rake years ago. It had just been sitting outside our gate, being overtaken by weeds.
Another view
Goodwill bargains
Same son gave me the old wagon wheels, husband gave me the old ladder, uncle gave me the old milk cans and the silver milk pail.
More Goodwill bargains. Youngest son gave me his children's outgrown go-cart and the croc-cut saw as well as hand-saw. Another son gave me the little garden tools.
Little chair bought at Goodwill and spay painted. Found the watering can in our shop.
Cast iron found at Goodwill Store. Saw was given to me by my youngest son. This is actually our grilling corner.
Old truck belonged to my grandson, the wheel is bent so I used it here. More Goodwill bargains, even the little rocker. My 5 year old grandson helped me dig the fire-pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.
My mama's old metal chairs, got to get more plants!
My boys old toy and an old flour canister.
A small flower-bed, spring bulbs are planted here.
So happy with this sickle my youngest son gave me!
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  • Mary Byrne Mary Byrne on Jul 18, 2014
    Well I do not see even one piece of junk, all that I see is some fantastic stuff, some great pieces that I would love to have. Enjoy, you have great spaces for it.

  • Ella Ella on Mar 25, 2019

    Enjoy !