Headboard Fence

LeAnn Sheppard Schalau
by LeAnn Sheppard Schalau
I just had to pull into a garage sale after picking up my son after school. This girls headboard was calling me. It spoke fence so I wheeled and sealed and got it for just under $5!
This started as a plain white headboard that had stickers and crayon marks on it. A little sanding and elbow grease did the trick for a clean slate. I always save my calenders for their pictures so I mod podged them to the fence. Brilliant! To my surprise I noticed as I was cutting up the pictures to fit the shape it started reminding me of a stained glass! How cool is that! This is actually the front of it. I apologize the wording did not focus. A cheap wallpaper decal from Wal-Mart that says welcome in the middle and on the outside is, "Those who enter as guests shall leave as friends."
This is the front. The small pictures are family sayings. And to think I did this from an old calendar!
This is my finished product in the garden to be! I'm so proud of this as this is the first up cycle I've done!
The garden is coming along. This is the start if a fairy hut and walkway that we created using parts of the dead tree behind the new fence. I love going out there a bit each day and adding something. I'll be sure to keep posting pics as we continue on our journey of a new garden.
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