Honored to Host Our First Home Garden Tour This Spring

Pat aka Queen of Thrift
by Pat aka Queen of Thrift
We were quite surprised and honored to be invited by our local garden club to be one of five homes hosting tours of their yards/gardens this spring. It required a lot of work, but was very rewarding. We erected the wooden privacy fence in March to hide the view of our neighbor's fourteen beagle dog run in his back yard. I hope you enjoy the tour!
The garden club placed a large wooden tulip in each host's yard before the tour.
A foggy early morning view from our deck.
We made raised planters from pieces of posts and lumber that my brother-in-law had left from a project We made them portable by drilling holes in the bottoms of the posts and inserting long iron rods that are driven into the ground.
Bicycle was a gift from a friend. "Pearl" found just the right spot to park in my back yard. My husband built the arbor last year for my Carolina Jessamine vines that we brought from the other house.
It was a hot, sunny June day so we provided the garden club helpers with a shady spot. Credit is due to someone on Hometalk for my idea for the garden hose wreath. I would mention her by name, but cannot recall who it was. :(
Porcelain berry vine growing on a tree, and some of my garden "art" . We made the bench from thrift store chairs and my first glass totem is in foreground. Thank you @Empress of Dirt for the instructions!
My tree bed full of hostas, hellebores, ferns, & hardy begonia. We made the concrete birdbath from instructions found on HGTV.com.
Shabby cabbie made from a wooden box, some old pallet wood and a few teapots!
A Sunday afternoon drive around town gifted me with this dilapidated chair. The vine at right is in a discarded fertilizer spreader.
My husband made the birdhouse from pallet wood. The planter is a decorative waste can......another thrift store find.
I got the idea for a garden hose post from Pinterest.
Our Ozark Sun Drops (the yellow flowers) were quite a hit. They were in full bloom in a row at the base of Nandina shrubs by the wood fence.
Coleus, purple heart, and creeping jenny in one of the raised planters. I made a wheelbarrow full of signs for all my plants which was very much appreciated by everyone.
Antique iron bed made into a trellis for our Euonymous Wintercreeper, barely visible on the bottom right. Soon it will be climbing all over it's new "home"! Credit goes to someone on Hometalk for the garden hose wreath idea.
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  • Sally Sullivan Sally Sullivan on Jun 19, 2014
    Just found your site this morning. Live in Leesburg and am so sorry I missed the garden tour and seeing your fabulous yard. Will be following your blog for sure!!

  • Sharon Kavanagh Sharon Kavanagh on Jun 19, 2014
    What a charming and whimsical garden you have. I love the little interesting touches. I heard a quote once that said "We start out nurturing a garden but find out, that the garden nurtures us" I would love to see some pics of the inside of your home

    • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Pat aka Queen of Thrift on Jun 20, 2014
      @Sharon Kavanagh, Thanks!! I have learned that there are many of us gardeners who love whimsy and just plain old junk! ;0 . I have always loved to rescue and repurpose. Working in my gardens is like a free therapy session, and I feel so calm and relaxed when I am among my plants. I also love interior decorating, and have a few old pieces of furniture. We built our house soon to be four years ago and I made all my window treatments that summer while we were building. It seems as if I'm never finished!! I like to change things occasionally....not furniture, just accessories.