How to Create a Unique Garden Eye Yard Art

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
5 Materials
3 Hours

Creating unique home and garden decor from recycled unwanted junk is such a great way to help the environment so when I had a sort out found lots of odd mosaic tiles left over from other projects I knew just the project! I had a plain piece of slate with a rope hanger on which could be easily designed onto with glass tiles.

I play around with shapes and ideas for a design.

Planning design

I pencil draw a shape and begin to think of an eye !

Draw design

Choosing the coloured glass shape for centre I cut with tile. Uppers some yellow glass to fit. Then use PVA glue to stick it down centrally.

Planning design
Cutting tile

I begin placing the mosaic tiles around the centre to make a colourful eye design. Spacing tiles well and evenly.

Glueing tiles
Glueing tiles onto slate

When it’s finished I leave to dry before grouting with blue mix grout by adding acrylic paint to white powdery grout.

Acrylic paint mix grout

I spread the grout into all the cracks and gaps and smooth over then it’s time to wipe off all the excess grout with a damp cloth. It is a slow process but very rewarding seeing your design come to life as you scrape away the grout from the tiles.

Mosaic Garden Eye
Mosaic Garden eye
Suggested materials:
  • Slate with rope hanger   (Amazon)
  • Coloured Mosaic tiles 10mm   (Amazon)
  • PVA glue   (Amazon)
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