How To Make A Fairy Garden

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The Fairy Garden

Have you ever heard of, seen or made a fairy garden?

Do you have one?

I do!

If you don’t know what they are, today is your lucky day!

Fairy gardens are tiny gardens full of magic.

Little gardens you can create in a container, out in a flower bed or under a tree.

My dear friend, Danielle, at authordmtaylor made it as a gift for me. So much thought and detail went into that little garden. She created mine in a shallow planter and started by adding a beautiful miniature cottage, which sat right in the center. Leading up to the cottage was a pretty mosaic pathway. That pathway was made from mosaic tiles that belonged to her mother. She added a Celtic cross stone, a scripture stone and some miniature plants. I will never forget how special getting that garden was or the thought that went into each piece.

Over the years, the garden has changed.

But isn’t that the way with most things in life?

Today, I am going to show you how to create one for yourself.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be a break the bank project. It is a small fairy garden and you can easily find items you already have to use. Especially items like stones and shells. If you do need to purchase some items, remember it’s a good investment because you can use them year after year.

Who doesn’t like purchasing something that keeps on giving you joy??

Here are some items you will need:

-A shallow container

-Potting soil

-Fairy Supplies/Decor

-Small plants

1) First, you want to find a shallow container to work with because the garden will be easier to see and enjoy. You should also make sure there are holes in the bottom for drainage.

2) After you choose your container add potting soil to it. You can also use terrarium moss. Some years I use it and some years I don’t. It does however give it a magical look.

3) Place your largest piece in the container next. For me, my little cottage is the biggest piece. I always place it in the center. This gives me the ability to easily decorate on either side of the planter.

4) The next and last step is my favorite. If you love to create and decorate it will be your favorite, too!

Grab your plants and all your little garden items and put them in place. You can find many fairy garden items at your local garden center or on-line. Like I said earlier, you can also use items you have around your house to decorate the garden.

I always put the fairy in last.

She’s the finishing touch!

After all it is her garden!

Now that your garden is finished, place it where you can enjoy it all season! I use mine as the centerpiece on my patio set. It’s a great conversation piece, too.

You can see the finished fairy garden and my patio set-up in my Easy Breezy Summer Home Tour.

I hope this inspires you to create your own Fairy Garden. I hope you find the magic in the process. I hope you come visit me again.

Peace and Blessings,


Kim Waldorf - Cottage in the Mitten
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