Four New Ways to Use Old Sponges

by BrightNest
A sponge is handy when you make a mess, but that’s not all they can do around the house! If a sponge is on its last leg, try one of these four uses for old sponges:
Attract Butterflies. A butterfly is more than just eye candy. These colorful winged creatures pollinate your flowers, so encourage them to visit your yard by making this simple butterfly feeder with an old sponge. Six easy steps are all that stand between you and a yard full of butterflies!
Make Ice Packs. You’ve probably heard that packed lunches will save you cash, but how do you keep them cool if a fridge isn’t accessible? Enter: A sponge. Simply freeze a damp sponge overnight, and then place it in a resealable plastic bag. Toss the bag into your lunchbox, and you’re good to go! Bonus: Frozen sponges can double as ice packs for injuries, too.
Say Buh-Bye to Pet Fur. You love your pet. But you probably hate their fur covering furniture and clothes. If this sounds familiar, moisten a clean sponge. By rubbing the damp sponge on the fur-covered area, you’ll remove the mess. It’s that easy!
Keep Plants Watered. Keep your houseplants hydrated with a sponge. Simple place a damp sponge at the bottom of a flowerpot before you put any soil in the pot. Every time you water your plant, excess moisture will be absorbed by the sponge, so your plant will be able to go longer between waterings. Note: The actual amount of time you should wait between watering your plant depends on the type of plant. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant, check out this list of budget-friendly options.
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