Milk Bottles, Plastic Plates and a Magical Toadstool

Michelle Leslie
by Michelle Leslie
1 Day
Would you believe me if I told you that a milk bottle and a plastic plate are the perfect starting point to make a magical toadstool for your fairy garden?
Can you see it? That dirty, urrmmm I mean, fairy dust covered glass bottle is just the right shape for the base of the toadstool and the plate: that’s the top icon Just gently wipe the dust off and spray the inside using a mushroomy color.
The top of the toadstool is just a big glob of expanding foam sprayed onto the plastic plate. We normally use it to make our gigantic faux metal keys and one of the cans was fast approaching it's expiry date. That stuff is just amazing, but it becomes a gooey, sticky mess when it’s past it’s sell by date.
Once the foam dries, normally about a day, it can be carved into a basic shape using a craft knife. I always feel that a fairy toadstool needs to be a little quirky and slightly unusual because of all the magic it’s exposed too. So a plain, slightly round toadstool shape didn’t quite cut it for me. It’s easy enough to fix though. Just bend a piece of wire, stick it in the top of the carved foam and wrap some tin foil around it.
That's a bit better icon After gluing the top to the bottom it's time to decorate. We used moss to cover the top and added a small bay window made from ice cream sticks. A bent copper pipe and a rusty lid make a lovely chimney. And for the bottom; a small door and some cobble stones made from craft foam.
I'd love to hear what you think. Do you use common household items to make things for your fairy garden? What have you used?
Michelle Leslie
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  • Slg22725097 Slg22725097 on Oct 20, 2017
    Lovely idea. What is the ground cover in the photo? It seems so perfect for the "scene". SG

  • Karen Karen on Jul 17, 2020

    How did you make the bricks?

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