My first flower of Spring!

Bernice H
by Bernice H
Except for pansies! Isn't this just so cool? We have a lumber mill that went out of business years ago. But instead of sending everyone on their way, the y converted the building into a workshop, where the employees could do crafts and then take to a refurbished building to sell. EVERYTHING at this shop, (and it is big) is made by local former employees. I fell in love with these horseshoe flowers. This fellow also makes reindeer, cactus..all sorts of things. No one knew these employees were so talented. It is local and it is providing jobs! I finally planted it today, and it instantly made my yard look like something is really happening in there! Spring is springing in Yakima WA! yeaaayyy!!
A wonderful use for old horseshoes!
And of course my domineering cat, I bothered her nap in the sun. She is really getting obnoxious, but for 19 1//2 I guess she is entitled!
Isn't that just a LOOK!
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  • Leah M Leah M on Apr 14, 2015
    @Bernice H - my first cat was black. I've seldom been without a black cat since I've been an adult. We took in a black cat we were told was 10 and 10 1/2 years later she died, and while she was a grumpy old lady the entire time we had her and we loved her dearly.

    • Bernice H Bernice H on May 02, 2015
      @Leah M hmmm I am missing daughter says she tolerates her, but her own cats are such lovies, chichi would seem aloof. Well, she is old, but is tolerating the new way of life ok. At least she still has her garden to go out and smell the ...whatevers, hostas mostly. Thanks for caring.

  • Rosan Durham Rosan Durham on Nov 07, 2016
    And winter is only a few short weeks away again! I think I need to get some pretty faux flowers to get through the coming colder weather!

    • Bernice H Bernice H on Nov 14, 2016
      Hi...I really appreciate what you are saying....but silk flowers or plastic ....they do look faux,don't you think? Not quite natural in the winter ,then they get dirty or fade. However,I bet you can find or make something that would be fun and attention getting. Like maybe big plywood tulips, or pool noodle flowers...things like that,would make you and neighbors smile. @kelly S in Bremerton posted her mushrooms made out of vases,then there are dish those would do the trick for you! I posted some,but there are many posts..I LOVEthem! Let us know what you do! about a bottle tree..THAT would chase the winter glooms!