My Take on a Bird Bath/feeder, Inspired by Home Talk Morena Hockley...

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
I saw this clip just a few days ago, and flip over it & had to try it. So so easy, and hard part is just selecting what pieces to buy or put together. I was pleased with how easy and creative you can be, I will make another one but to my colors and so I will spend money on the spray can color of my choice.
Ok mine, is so different then Morena's I really didn't intend for it to be sooo colorful, but it did. I may give this to my sister who loves vibrant bright colors and that is her yard. Fiesta colors.
I headed to Goodwill and found great heavy sturdy pieces. The base is a heavy candle base and has some footings so it's solid.
Sorry, the base didn't make it to the photo. But here's the basic same arrangement as Morena's. I use her clip as my guide at Goodwill. ;-D I didn't find a cute little tea pot like she did, but I found this cute little ceramic milk jug.
Anyway, reason it's so colorful, is because I didn't want to put money anymore then needed as I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I have lots of paint spray but none the colors that I really would have preferred to go into my yard. It was to be just yellow, but didn't care for this color yellow, so then took my purple, didn't like it either, so took my pink and just blended it. It kind of looks "Wonderland_ish!"
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