new arbor and revamped old fence

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After spending three years renovating this old house, it occured to me that it had no curb appeal at all, so thought I'd get some outside projects done this year. First to go was the 'haunted' fence, as the kid across the street called it. That morphed into my favorite outdoor structure - the arbor :) Still have to do the gates and a lot of rockwork, but it's coming along nicely!
one of my neighbors hit the corner of my retaining wall one icy winter, so fixing that was the original goal, which soon became a whole lot more than rock work!
Still have a lot of work to do, and another section of fence to put back up, but need to fix the retaining wall first.
really brightens up the place!
BEFORE shot of the old fence...most of the fence posts were hollow from rot and termites, as the builder of the fence left the tops of the posts to absorb water by leaving them flat, AND had the pickets all touching the ground...
Old deck is next slated for renovation :)
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