New Pics! (5-18-14)

A formal look at this house is dramatic as is the architecture.
A rock boarder is simple and can add an interesting contrast.
This is a prime example of taller plants getting out of hand. The big plants need to come out and replaced with smaller.
One of our shady designs in Windermere is extremely low maintenance.
Sealing wax palm has orange trunks that tie in beautifully with orange heliconia.
Red and pink ginger is the ultimate tropical touch.
Butterfly salvia blooms from March to October.
This Phoenix reclinata breaks up the roof line. Notice how the shrubs are kept low accenting the palm,
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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 18, 2014
    I noticed your photo was taken we sit her soaked and cool in Atlanta. I am so disgruntled with planting this year. My Caladium I bought yesterday are sitting in the rain! We are supposed to get them out tomorrow, but it may be too nasty to get out. We have gotten down to low 40s at night! UGH. I love the rock walkway/border!