Oak and Brass Bird House

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4 Hours
A friend gave me some old bits of oak beams. I said I would make him a bird house.
The beams did not have one flat surface on them. So I jointed a couple of edges and then ran them through the planer. 
With some flat surfaces to work off I could rip down some pieces of wood.
The strips of oak were not quite wide enough so I glued and clamped pieces together. 
When the glue had dried I could trim the pieces to the width and length I needed. 
I wanted the house to have a pitched roof so used the miter saw to cut a angle on the front and back of the house. 

I then tilted the blade and cut a angle on the side pieces to match the roof line. 
The panels got glued and nailed together.
I glued and nailed on one side of the roof, but left the other side open for now.
The birds needed a way to get into the house so I drilled a large hole for them. I also drilled a smaller hole for a perch to fit into. 
The other side of the roof got attached with a brass piano hinge.

 cut down some brass rod for the perch and glued it in with epoxy. 

I attached a brass hanging plate and gave it a coat of danish oil. 
Thats it all done. Please watch my video for more information. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe to my YouTube channel for a new project every week. 
Suggested materials:
  • Oak
  • Brass
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