Outdoor Studio Space

Craig W. Isaac Architecture
by Craig W. Isaac Architecture
A modular design w/ easy assembly and disassembly for studio space, cabin, or emergency housing
Foundation for a steeply sloped site
First section of ribs, floor & Wall panels-2 1/2 hrs into install
Wall panels complete w/ Entry getting ready for install- 4 hrs into install
Enclosed panels installed, Porch ribs getting set - 5 1/2 hrs into install
Roof panels installed, ready for fascia - start of day 2
Metal roofing install- 2 hrs into day 2
Completed Mor16 - 12' x 16' enclosure w/ 12' porch- 2 day install
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 31, 2013
    @Craig W. Isaac Architecture we are completely off-grid I do have a small Stand alone PV system. 80 watt panel and 110 ah battery. I have 2 more 80 watt panels here at my full time home and another battery. These will make the trip down on our next visit. During an addition to our wood shed (for our composting toilet) I worked on just before thanksgiving I was running the chop saw via the 2500 watt inverter. The heavy use was taxing the single battery / panel set up. That is why I have purchased the extra components. All of our lighting is LED ( in native 12V DC) and I can light the whole place for 38 watts. It is a work in progress, being 6 hours from our full time home is slower going thatn if it were just around the bend. Our "vacations" there are work event for me, while the rest of the family basically lounges around. http://kmswoodworks.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/long-overdue-cabin-visit/

  • this client did the same and was looking at adding a 2nd smaller unit at the next switchback for a bath house w/ a composting toilet.