Plant Stand Decoupage Makeover

Rebecca Taylor
by Rebecca Taylor
5 Materials
1 Hour
I thought I would share with you how easy it is to decoupage. I used white glue that I thinned down a little. It is the same thing as mod podge matte finish. With that, a paper napkin and a little brown paint can transform this plant stand.
Make sure you start with a clean dry surface. You will need either mod podge or white glue thinned down a little. A paint brush, paper napkins in your choice of pattern, paint to match a color in your napkin and mod podge dimensional magic.You do not have to do any outlining, that was just my preference for this project. I love to recycle and that is why I chose the napkins.
This is a photo of the plant stand when I started.
I put on a coat of thinned down glue and laid my napking on top of it .
This is it after I put a coat of the glue on top and took of the excess. I then high lighted the top with the brown paint. I then let it dry and covered it with mod podge dimensional magic. I will be doing this to the rest of the pattern. It just makes it stand out so much more and it is so easy to do. The whole project will take around 2 hours because sitting on the floor just kills my back so I have to take breaks. For most people this project probably would take 30 minutes to an hour.
Suggested materials:
  • White glue   (ebay)
  • Paper napkin   (left over from fast food trip)
  • Mod podge dimensional magic   (Joann Fabrics)
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