Potatoe Bin Turned Outdoor Fall Planter

by Melanie
7 Materials
1 Hour
I love the heat and gardening that summer brings, but my favorite season is fall, so naturally as summer draws to an end my mind is on fall projects. This one is quick and easy and cheap to make.
First step is to gather your materials for this project. Potatoe bin, which has sat in my basement unused for many years. Art minds Outdoor Paint in Poppy Red from Michaels, paint brush and some fall mums. 2- 3 inch pots and 1-6 inch pot.
Remove the door and the handles and drawer before painting. Using a drill you may want to drill a few holes inside drawer and the bin itself to allow water to drain through. Once that is done it is time to paint.
Apply two coats of paint and let dry.
Once dry, slide drawer back in place leaving enough room for the two small mums. Take a small screw and screw into the bottom of the drawer and the base that the drawer sits on. This is to secure the drawer from falling out. Next add the knobs that were removed in the beginning. As I am not using the door I removed the knob and have put it in the middle. (See picture)
Add your Mums, If your bin is too deep you may have to use something to raise your pot. I used two bricks. Enjoy!!
Suggested materials:
  • Potatoe bin
  • Art minds Outdoor Paint in Poppy Red   (Michaels)
  • Paint brush
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