Preserving the Moment – Even in Succulent Garden Decor

"Today, January 15th 2014, is only the halfway mark for the first month of the new calendar year," Mr. Moon-In-The-Man* (AKA Mr. M-I-T-M who can be seen in the first image with Baby New Year**) reminded me as I bemoaned the fact that the stores are already filled with Valentine merchandise and I haven't even had a chance to take down all of my Christmas decor as well as work on other tasks at hand.

"Moreover," he told me, as the cast of characters, including the champagne loving gal (seen with him in picture two***) who have been visiting me for the Christmas holiday SEASON**** eavesdropped on our convo — "in some parts of the world, such as many countries in Europe and many Latin American countries, the celebration of the Christmas season does not end until February 2nd, with The Feast of Candlemas!"

This is a relief to hear since I still have few greeting cards to send as I have been preoccupied with a recent issue with my eyes ( @ and was unable to get everything that I had hoped to accomplish re the Christmas holidays completed!

But it seems that Mr. M-I-T-M (who oversees the comings and goings in my indoor succulent garden) may have his own challenges in staying focused on the present! For just as he was explaining the need to not feel pressured re the coming of other holidays, a lone horse interrupted Mr. M-I-T-M's savoring the first month of the year (with his friends such as Baby New Year and the Mizz Champagne as evidenced in a group photo-op seen in place-holder three and in solo photo-ops in place-holders four through seven).

Apparently the horse arrived in my succulent garden to celebrate Chinese New Year, which this year will be The Year of The Horse, but the holiday does not begin until January 31 2014.

And even though Mr. M-I-T-M and yours truly have been informed that The Year of the Horse "brings a Wood energy, which is the energy of rebirth and growth. (AND) The Horse takes this energy and brings it on with light speed," Mr. M-I-T-M, upon seeing the horse's early arrival was prompted to say, 'WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Not so fast . . ."

Let's get through the rest of January first and hopefully finish our Christmas cards before we celebrate Chinese New Year!

* Mr. M-I-T-M's INFO: AS WELL AS @

** Baby New Year's INFO:
*** Champagne Gal (AKA Mizz Champagne) INFO:
**** Christmas Character INFO:
AND BTW, as with a number of the figurines that I write about, the figurines featured in this post are available via Steve Mohr of More and More Antiques. (212-580-8404)
A lone horse arrives EARLY for the Year of The Horse and startles Mr. M-I-T-M as well as Mizz Champagne!
Mr. M-I-T-M with the New Year Baby in my succulent garden.
Mr. M-I-T-M with the New Year Baby (as well as Mizz Champagne) in my succulent garden.
Year of the Horse "rep" as seen in my succulent garden.
Year of the Horse "rep" ready for a close-up! View One.
Year of the Horse "rep" ready for a close-up! View Two.
Year of the Horse "rep" ready for a close-up! View Three.
Year of the Horse "rep" ready for a close-up! View Four.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 16, 2014
    If your Year of the Horse rep is a harbinger, it is going to be a very colorful year!

  • TheLastLeafGardener TheLastLeafGardener on Jan 18, 2014
    Indeed, my "rep" seems to be a horse of a different color! But from what the "rep" says, with all the controversy in NYC over the horse drawn carriages, the horses will be glad the Year of the Horse is coming, and will need representation, no matter which side of the controversy they agree with.