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Dog Run Artificial Grass

Sherrie S
by Sherrie S
I have a doggie potty area that my dogs can use 24/7 by using doggie door. The artificial grass is over 10 years old and I've decided to replace it. What do I need to know before I purchase it. It was installed professionally but we want to do it ourselves. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 05, 2014
    Sherrie, this is not something I have any familiarity with, but the DIY Network has installation instructions here:

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 05, 2014
    Oh I think I worded this wrong - I need to know about what to look for because I want a good quality fake grass. The one I have was excellent and the ground is already properly prepared but I will read the instructions for laying the grass. Thank you.

    • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Jan 20, 2015
      @Sherrie S , to lay the grass in your dog run, lay each portion of turf (I'm assuming you're using remnant pieces since below you commented that a 15' roll is too long for you to work with) across the installment area, cut the turf around the perimeter, nail the turf down around the perimeter with sod staples while stretching the turf out tautly with a carpet kicker, and then seal the seams with sod staples. Visit for more installation instructions.

  • Leida R Leida R on Feb 05, 2014
    This is a wonderful idea.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 05, 2014
    Hi @Leida R - I am just upgrading it because it is over 10 years old. It is wonderful for the dogs because they can walk out anytime. Sometimes they just go out and rest themselves or walk around & watch the wildlife.

  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on Feb 05, 2014
    You can try these guys - they send out FREE samples :)

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 05, 2014
    The prices were great as was the quality but the width is 15' and cutting that stuff would not be easy. This is just a dog run. It is 40+ feet long but only 4-5 feet wide. Thank you @Jennifer G

    • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Jan 20, 2015
      @Sherrie S You could get a 15' x 14' and then divide it into three pieces lengthwise. This should be sufficient square footage to cover the entire dog run. Or you can buy three rolls of 15' x 5'.

  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on Feb 05, 2014
    I wonder if they 'cut to fit' or have remnants available for your narrow space...

    • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Jan 20, 2015
      @Jennifer G Our installers can "cut to fit," or you can buy narrow remnant pieces from one of our warehouses or have them shipped to your location. As I mentioned above, one could get a 15' x 14' and then divide it into three pieces lengthwise or buy three 15' x 5' rolls.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 06, 2014
    Sherrie, there are several Hometalk members who are affiliated with SynLawn. They make a number of types of artificial turf specifically designed for dog runs. They supposedly contain some type of crystal that helps reduce the ammonia smell in dog waste. They'll send samples and give DIY instructions, so I don't think you would have to have them install:

  • Elaine51 Elaine51 on Feb 06, 2014
    Doug..i notice that synlawn seems to be only in Canada. Are there stores in US?

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 06, 2014
    I sure wish I could find what product my original installers used. My understanding of this grass is there is no reason for special chemicals in the product . I know mine installation has at least 6 inches of crushed stone under it. I use a hose to wash it down. I have 2 large dogs, one is 105 lbs and the other 89. Still trying to learn more before purchase.

    • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Jan 20, 2015
      @Sherrie S There's a product called ZeoFill which we recommend to all of our installers of pet areas. This product absorbs pet odors.

  • Monday West Monday West on Feb 06, 2014
    I think instead of grass you should look for some paving thing done to that area. Hardscpae paving would be a better idea if you are thinking to make it last longer. If you still think of grasses then astro turf is the best option but you need to have sprinklers for their maintenance.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 07, 2014
    Paving would NOT work because it is a dog run potty. The fake grass has lasted for over 10 years and worked well. I have a stamped concrete deck surrounding the dog run @Monday West - no sprinklers needed for dog run. Just a hose to wash it down.

  • Tegma Tegma on Feb 07, 2014
    I sure am curious about the cost of that faux grass..... I never knew it could be used as a potty without having the odor to deal with. Are you not able to contact the original installers for your replacement? It must have been great quality to have lasted for 10 yrs. I'm sure many others, like myself, would like to know the details should you find what you are looking for. I'm amazed!

    • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Jan 20, 2015
      @tegma We have artificial petgrasses and recommend them to be installed with a product called ZeoFill, which absorbs pet odors.

  • Tegma Tegma on Feb 07, 2014
    Another question..... Since this run has gravel underneath, what is the carpeting attached to? Does it have some sort of a grate under the carpet?

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 07, 2014
    The original installers were the people who installed my Koi Pond and deck. Unfortunately they went out of business. This faux grass was one of the few that was made specifically for potty time (10 years ago). I do believe there is a big difference between it and faux lawn grass. I checked the attachment and it is long metal things that hold it in place. You cannot see them without pulling up a corner of the grass @tegma No grate.

  • Tegma Tegma on Feb 07, 2014
    Just found something for you..... If you just type in "artificial turf for dogs" under your search engine, you will find a ton of places which specialize in it. (News to me!) Even eBay has a number of people selling it for potty runs. It's expensive, but at least doing it yourself will save you the labor. For the 40' you have, you can get it on eBay for about $300 or so. Check it out!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 07, 2014
    I did find a lot of places with fake grass for animals. I'm just reading to learn more about the backing and the weight of the product and the # of drainage holes. I've picked out a couple of them so I will compare them & hope I find something comparable to what I have.

  • Tegma Tegma on Feb 07, 2014
    Sherrie, did you see my message about where to find your potty turf online? Also, that it is sold on eBay, in 4' -6' x 15' strips? You'd need to use 3 strips that way, but it wasn't too expensive there on eBay.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 08, 2014
    Yes, I did see the message. I have spent a lot of time on this issue and also learned a lot. I'm not done yet but appreciate any information I'm provided @tegma

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 12, 2014
    @tegma I took your advice and went to eBay. I found excellent prices and the quality & sizes I need. It is somewhat different than what I had but it made a lot of sense how it was designed for a dog poop/pee run. I'll be ordering it next week. Thank you so much. I'll be sure to report back after install.

  • Tegma Tegma on Feb 12, 2014
    'Glad it worked out for you! I had never heard of this type of grass before, so you helped me, too! Do let us know how it turns out.... maybe even with some pictures when it's done! Thanks!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 28, 2014
    I've got everything we need to install the "new" fake grass except some small stone that will level out the dog run. We will be installing it next week. I laid it on the floor to see what the dogs thought about it. They approved it so I rolled it up so they don't use it until it is installed outside.

  • Judy Judy on Mar 01, 2014
    @Sherrie S please share pic's of your project. And are you installing yourself? I have a side yard that is 7' by 75' and I'm wanting to do maybe a 7' x 10' for a potty area. Curious to know how hard it will be to do myself. Thanks. Going to check out Ebay right now. Do you have the name of person you bought yours from.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 01, 2014
    Hopefully we will get this done next week & I will post. The hardest part is getting the underlying base (stones) done correctly. I don't have to do that because my original installation 10 years ago was done properly. Below is the link to the company (on EBAY) that I purchased it from I emailed the vendor to find what was the BEST grass for a dog POTTY. He said the Acrylic backed one which wasn't available (as far as I know) 10 years ago @Judy

  • Envy Lawn Envy Lawn on Mar 13, 2014
    Feel free to look up "EnvyLawn, Installation" online to see how pros do artificial grass installation. It could provide helpful tips for you as your DIY!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 14, 2014
    Thank you @Envy Lawn

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 23, 2014
    @tegma I hope I can post these pics. Sometimes it doesn't work.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 23, 2014
    Dog looking at new grass

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 23, 2014
    Guess I will have to make a new post for Artificial Grass. Let's see if that works.

  • Tegma Tegma on Mar 24, 2014
    No pictures, unless I'm not looking in the right place.....

  • Tegma Tegma on Mar 24, 2014
    Got the second picture okay..... thanks! It looks great!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 24, 2014
    Congratulations @tegma I see you found the new pics because I answered your question.

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