How do I dig a good border around my flower bed?

by Bus23045193
  5 answers
  • Davidm Davidm on Jun 05, 2017
    Just use the shovel to create an edge around your garden and then remove the grass from the edge. You can really create a precise edge that way and its fairly easy and simple.

  • 512181 512181 on Jun 05, 2017 A video might help. I use the half moon type of edger. It makes a cleaner edge than a shovel. Also, keep mulch away from edge so grass cannot grow back. When you really get into gardening, you may want to consider a really good power edger that will do walks, drives, and garden beds. Look around at professionally maintained properties to see how they do edges. (often shopping malls are a good place to look.)

  • Gma Kirk Gma Kirk on Jun 05, 2017
    I like using pavers, with the long sides together, around the perimete. This created a border your lawnmower wheels can roll down, allowing you to mow and weed eat right to the edge of the bed.

  • Gma Kirk Gma Kirk on Jun 05, 2017

  • Patty Patty on Jun 06, 2017
    Straight edge shovel.