Asked on Jun 06, 2012

How to paint my ?resin? fountain?

Bernice H
by Bernice H
Well I think it is resin. Dont know where I got that idea or word, but it is a common fountain with a pineapple on it. Just plain grey. Can I paint it? If so with what kind of paint? It is not cement i know that. Just what everyone has.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 06, 2012
    Bernice, do you have a photo of this wacky pineapple fountain?

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jun 06, 2012
    Yep, here is the wacky pineapple fountain. As I said , it is not cement, just a common , not very expensive fountain my son bought me years ago. I had hubs drill holes in the dish part so I could plant something in it. But I want to give it some color first.Then maybe portulacas?

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jun 07, 2012
    I went to the site. Not sure if the one she worked o n was cement or fakey cement look.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 07, 2012
    I can't really directly help you, but if you take these photos to a good paint store, like a Sherwin WIlliams, they can give you the right product, I expect.

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jun 08, 2012
    Hahahaha good idea ever why dont I just take the wacky PINEAPPLE in? Now why.... didnt I think of that?

  • Becky H Becky H on Jun 08, 2012
    Bernice H., I've used acrylic paints on resin sculptures for the yard, and the color/paint has held up beautifully. You can purchase it from hobby/craft stores. Additionally, they sell sealers with these paints (water base) in satin and gloss; take your pick, if you wish a little extra insurance on your project.

  • Lou B Lou B on Jun 08, 2012
    What about Krylon spray paint....I have used it on several things in my garden.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 08, 2012
    Even better idea, Bernice.

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jul 31, 2012
    Well, I just didnt overthink it anymore, and spray painted them, posted a thread, but here is a picture or two.. Since then I painted the whole pineapple. fyi Steve.. it looks much better now! I do plan to put succulents in there....SOMEDAY! haha btw...You will have to check out that thread if you havent! Now that I think of it..I got real loose with the spray can!