How to update curb appeal through landscaping?



I moved into a 1970’s home a few years ago and I’ve nearly remodeled everything inside the house, but am having trouble outside.

Its not in the budget to repaint the house or redo the roof, but I’d like to modernize (or just make more lively) the front yard. I feel like it needs color, everything is a shade of brown lol

We will be painting the front door a burgundy color.

We want to redo the trim and garage door.

I LOVE all my rose bushes but wouldn't be opposed to moving/rearranging them.

We really like tropical style plants BUT we have a west facing home in Southern California so drought resistant is ideal.

Any advice is welcome! My neighbors probably think I’m crazy because I’m constantly outside just staring at the house wondering what to do lol

q how to update curb appeal through landscaping
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